Loan up to 180 months: What are the best options?

If you need money and want more down payment, we will show you the best companies to take your credit and pay within 180 months.

Those who are in debt and need to borrow to get back financially end up looking for credit options that offer long terms for debt repayment, especially not to get through at the end of each month. A loan of up to 180 months can be a relief in many people’s pockets as it amounts to 15 years to pay off a debt, enough time to get in the way and stabilize finances.

If you want to apply for credit or take a loan online in 180 months, read on and see how you can benefit from a longer repayment term, but without throwing away interest.


What is the best loan mode?

best loan

When we need to make a loan, several options are available to us. The best known are personal loans and payroll loans .

The personal loan is a credit model offered by many banks to their account holders, usually released to those who do not have assets that can be used as collateral.

Payroll-deductible loans are common among civil servants and retirees, as loan installments are discounted directly from the payee’s payroll. The problem is that most of the Brazilian population does not fit into these two groups, so this type of credit turns out to be more difficult to release.

In addition to these two most well-known loan types, there is still the loan for negatives , the secured loan , the salary credit, the credit advance, the 13th salary advance, among others.

The loan arrangements that you should pass away, and if possible never use in your life, are overdraft and credit card. The interest rates on these modalities are so high and so abusive that, to give you an idea, overdraft rates in July 2019 reached 322% per year .

There are much healthier ways for you to borrow without this debt becoming a snowball!


Is 180 month loan worth it?

Is 180 month loan worth it?

When a loan is made, the longer the debt repayment time, the lower the monthly repayments. So those who don’t want to squeeze in at the end of the month, paying off almost all household income, can wisely resort to a 180-month loan – that’s 15 years to pay off the debt!

As you can see, none of the major banks offer loans within 180 months to repay . There are other modalities that each bank offers, but everything will depend greatly on the customer’s relationship with the financial institution. The main point when evaluating this hiring is to observe the interest rate. This is because debt can often turn into a snowball, making repayment difficult.

But among those loan modalities we mentioned earlier, one of them does not require any kind of prior relationship with a financial institution, it can offer a 180-month loan and best of all, it has the lowest interest rates on the market. We are talking about the secured loan !


How to use a property as collateral in case of loan?

property loan

Financial emergencies can happen overnight and it is very important to understand all the credit terms available in the market to raise money fast , pay off late debts and backlogs and regain financial stability.

What not everyone knows is that secured home loan is one of the smartest and safest ways for a person to get credit. Even those who are in debt and paying high interest on their credit card or overdraft can swap those heavy debts for one with lower interest rates and really pocketable installments, without squeezing at the end of the month.

Anyone who has a property paid off on their behalf, be it a house, an apartment, a commercial room and even land can apply. As a result, the interest rates on the loan actually get lower, because this is considered a low risk operation – there is more certainty that the payment will be made right.

The applicant’s property is subject to chattel mortgage , thus indicating that it will be used as collateral – not the same as a mortgage . You can be very calm and secure about this, as the property remains with the applicant, who can live and use the property in a good – just can not sell it before the loan is repaid.

Currently, Savecredi is the best company for you to request loan with property collateral. This is because the interest rates is one of the lowest in the market, starting from 0.99% per month + IPCA. The debt repayment term is also extended and can be paid up to 180 months.

The simulation is done online straight from the Savecredi website , without paperwork and hassle – even the documentation is sent over the internet, without you having to leave home. Money can arrive in your account within 10 days of approval. This is really uncomplicated credit that can help you get back on your feet in no time.

The loan amount can range from $ 30,000 to $ 4 million, following a simple rule, in which your property needs to be worth at least $ 150,000. This money can be used to pay off heavy debt, renovate your home, get projects off the ground, undertake more and more.

You may not know it, but even with actions by the Lifepoint Bank to try to improve interest rates practiced by traditional banks, Brazil is the sixth among 37 countries with the highest rates . In this ranking, we only lose to Argentina, Turkey, Mexico, Russia and South Africa.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to emphasize that resorting to Savecredi, a Brazilian fintech specialist in the segment and with more than 10 years of experience, is one of the best options to get credit with lower interest rates, avoiding paying much more than you planned. . You can trust a fintech as they all have an authorized financial institution, or even more than one, behind the business, supporting this credit. In addition, like banks, fintech are also overseen by the Lifepoint Bank.


Is online loan safe?

Is online loan safe?

Yes, it is very safe to make a loan online without having to leave home. Gone are the days of being afraid to use your computer or phone to make your life faster.

Of course you should be aware of some details to avoid falling into a fraudulent site. It is always worth noting if the site that offers online loans has a lock in the address bar, indicating that it has security certificate – look up in your browser, the lock next to our URL, this is one of the points you should Always analyze. Also rate the company’s reputation on Complain Here, this is a great way to know how the customer is treated.

A secure website of a responsible lender offering online will never ask for any kind of advance payment on bail or insurance and registration fees, let alone your card passwords, for example. Be wary if a company requests some kind of deposit in advance. What is required of the contractor is registration information, such as your name, social security number and telephone number, but never passwords or card numbers. Here are more tips for safely rating websites .


180 month loan is at Savecredi


If you need to get money faster to pay off a debt or start a new business, try it for free and come talk to the Savecredi team. Being able to repay the loan in 180 months, the equivalent of 15 years, with installments that fit in your pocket may be the missing chance for you to get out of debt, sleep more peacefully and start a new phase in your life. We can help you!

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