Online loan on click

The bank will immediately transfer the funds to your bank account and you will have them available immediately. There is no need to fill in any complex forms or go somewhere. In just a few minutes you have the money at your disposal for whatever you need.

Parameters of Good Finance online click loan


Good Finance’s Click-to-Click Online Loan is a regular non-purpose bank loan. The amount of this loan can be in the range of 20 – 400 000 crowns. The client can set the loan maturity in the range of 6 – 72 months (ie from six months to six years).

The basic interest rate on this loan starts at 9.9%. The loan fee for this loan from Good Finance is set at 1% (however, it is at least USD 500, maximum is USD 5,000). For this loan, you also have to count on the fact that the bank will automatically deduct an annual fee for managing the loan of USD 1188 (ie USD 99 per month).

Online loan without proof of income and no documents

Online loan without proof of income and no documents

Since this loan is offered only to active clients of the bank, especially those who pay to Good Finance’s account or those who have a sufficiently high turnover in their bank account, there is no need to prove income or no additional collateral or guarantees.

This loan is therefore granted without income confirmation, without a guarantor and without further verification or submission of any documents. Everything about the loan can be arranged in just a few clicks in the bank’s online banking system.

The prerequisite for obtaining this online loan for clicks from Good Finance is that you have a current personal account (eKonto) at your bank, where you receive some funds.

The price of this online loan

The price of this online loan

Automatically includes insurance against death or accident with permanent consequences. Optionally, you can also pay insurance against the risk of loss of employment or long-term incapacity for work.

If you were to close this loan and want to repay it early, then it will cost you a one-time fee of 1% of the remaining amount (or just 0.5% of the remaining amount if you were to repay early in the last year of the loan.

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